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What makes the Indian couture so unique is the fact that you will find each and every state of the country having its own distinct traditional clothing for men and women. For instance, the salwaar kameez is the ethnic attire or women's wear of women in Punjab; the Mekhala Chadar is worn by Assamese women, and so on. However, all types of Indian clothing look very elegant and Indians wear them with a lot of pride. The festivities and other special occasions are the time when you can see maximum Indians donning their ethnic garb, be it sari, kurta pajama or dhoti.

Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA you will find variety of designer clothes for women's wear like:
Sari is long strip of colorful multi-patterned cloth seductively wrapped around the body, teemed with a blouse! It's the traditional dress for the women folk in India and there are many styles in which you can drape it. The blouse worn with sari is also called the choli or ravika. Sari, the traditional garment worn by Indian women, has been a preferred choice for the brides in India, since ages.

The salwaar kameez, on the other hand, is the most ubiquitous of all traditional women women's wear in India. Due to its popularity in the Punjab region, it is sometimes also called the Punjabi suit.

Talking about Indian bridal outfit, the names that crop up into your mind, at the very first instance, are lehenga-choli. In the present times, most of the brides, especially in North India, prefer wearing a lehenga-choli and similar women's wear for their wedding. The bridal lehenga is adorned with a lot of embellishments, to give it a very rich and luxurious look. In most of the cases, heavy embroidery (with silver or golden thread), stones, crystals and sequins are used to decorate the lehenga of a bride and give it a royal feel.

India has witnessed a drastic change in women's wear and in the taste of Indian women towards dressing and modernizing. It seems the tradition of wearing a saree or peculiarly Indian outfits, is lost somewhere while following the much hyped fashion trends of the west. On the flip side, Traditional Indian women's wear is regaining its strength and re-implanting its roots deep down in their hearts. Not only this, Indian Women Clothing or women's wear is also being recognized as simple, sober and elegant with a touch of graceful beauty.

There was a time when Indian grooms used to stick to traditional dresses, like sherwani, achkan and kurta pajama, for their wedding. However, the trend has changed with the passing time. Though the traditional wear is still dominating the scenario, these days, we also see many of the grooms going for western suits, as their wedding attire. Call it the increasing influence of western culture or anything else, but the fact remains that suits are increasing becoming one of the choices for the Indian groom.

At Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA we always keep in mind that we design best outfit for both men and women with stylish cuts and colors. Presently, a huge spectrum of Indian women's wear is available at Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA like sarees, salwar suits, tunics, bridal lehenga’s for women and suits, sherwani’s, bandhgala’s, breeches etc for men . Not just tradition, but beauty of these dresses attract various foreigners and crave them to try our multifarious and traditionally enriched costumes. When we talk about Indian women's wear, then we must not forget the regional dressing sense, which gave birth to a whole new era of trendy and beautiful costumes.

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