Western Wear

Welcome to the world of Shanu Chitlangiya! Here you can find a branded Shanu Chitlangiya “western wear” collection!!
western wear:
The manner of dressing adapted from the western communities i.e. from European and American countries is referred to as western wear. Since India is slowly converting into a developed country and has combined with a lot of countries, their civilization has been imbibed in ours which have an effect on the dressing technique of our country.

'Label SHANU CHITLANGYA' is a fashion forward trade name that promises to outfit women to the latest trend in western wear.

These days mostly women like to wear western clothing for more than just comfort and convenience. The rising fashion awareness and impact of media and western culture have turned women's western wear into a lucrative and extremely developing market. In India, the clothing industry is highly fragmented and competitive. Owing to speedy urbanization and superior disposable incomes, the price sensitive' Indian consumers are now more brand-conscious.

Label ‘SHANU CHITLANGYA takes very serious care of latest fashion trends as the women western wear is considered as one of the modern styles in trend.

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