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Organic clothing or ecological clothing is gaining its popularity among people across the globe day-by-day. This is slowly becoming a trend among different age groups. Due to an increasing occurrence of skin diseases and health hazards, many people are considering going organic! The health hazards and skin diseases are because of fabrics which are cultivated and processed by using pesticides and artificial dyes.

This concept is gaining popularity in most of the metropolitan cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. The awareness is slowly spreading to other cities as well. There are many NGOs, designer groups and farmers who have already began to spread the awareness amongst the general public.

Are organic garments the latest trend in practice?
Trends in organic garments are not just for women; it is for men, women, children and babies.

There are different types of organic garments being made from organic cotton. Clothes like salwar-kameez, dupattas, short kurtis, skirts, shirts and even t-shirts can be made stylish! Apart from organic cotton, clothes are also being made from recycled materials like linen, bamboo and paper.

Many brands have already started using materials which are organic. Bamboo fabrics are ‘in’. The shirts and trousers are made from bamboo. These fabrics possess anti-bacterial and anti-static properties. They also have the capacity to retain moisture. These include both formal and casual wear. Though they are made from bamboo, they give the look of linen which makes it very elegant and fashionable. Latest trends in this also include the use of soyabean fabrics as this provides extra shine to the cloth and also has moisture absorbing property.

Clothes that are made from organic material are easy to clean. Label shanu chitlangiya is trying to make this kind of clothes look fashionable and trendy. Few years down the line, you will be able to spot many people wearing trendy and stylish outfits made from organic cotton and fabrics.

The most important benefit that has been observed is that using organic cotton can save about 1/3rd of the total amount of fertilizers and pesticides used. An individual who understands this benefit of using fabrics which are organic wouldn’t mind paying an extra penny for the same.

Isn’t it great that you are trying to save the environment and look stylish at the same time? Going green is not a passing trend in fashion, with new designer’s leaping on the bandwagon every day; it is bound to be here for a long time. If we can teach our little children to reduce, reuse and recycle, why shouldn’t we do the same? Go for all natural organic garments.

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