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The attractiveness of jodhpur suits in recent times has spread up passionately nationwide and internationally as well. jodhpuri suits gives a royal appearance to you in any of the occasions you wear it.

jodhpuri suits are a traditional Indian wear for men. they are known for being tremendously sophisticated and graceful; as they draw attention to the whole look of a man. The traditional jodhpuri suit has a jacket with a Nehru collar attached to it and a trouser. Label SHANU CHITLANGYA chalk out the best designs that are groundbreaking and really improve the look of the attire. This garment is perfect for wedding and reception parties.

Owing to the changing climate of fashion trade, Jodhpuri suit are too changing a little and becoming more eye-sparkling, and gathering wear.
At label SHANU CHITLANGYA, you will find a very specific collection of jodhpuri suit, entirely handcraft and a perfect example of craftsmanship. The compactness of collection speaks for itself by melding your character and resulting in form of a work of art.

Jodhpuri suit was essentially invented in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and the Nehru collar (standing collar AKA band gala) is the key identity. Label SHANU CHITLANGYA suits are being designed using few of the top most premium fabric lines like: raw silk, hand weaved brocades, lenins etc. For unmatched comfort and styling.

Label SHANU CHITLANGYA makes available for you to purchase jodhpuri suits in both standard sizes as well as tailor made.
Many grooms, nowadays, also desire to go for Jodhpuri suits, as this gives a royal manifestation to them. A fine Jodhpuri design is, in fact, proves a dazzling dress for the groom for the reason that they are a fine mix together of eastern and western culture. Full sleeves, coat’s length up till the hips, beautiful buttons, and little embellishment on the coat etc. also contribute in making the dress perfect for men.

Label SHANU CHITLANGYA specializes in bandgala’s and jodhpuri suits for men.

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