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” jodhpurs” (riding pants) comes from an ancient style of Indian trousers,”churidaar” which are tight around the calf and baggy at the hips. The people of Jodhpur, India used the same style and created a pant suitable for riding.

Jodhpurs are named after the city of Jodhpur in the Rajasthan, where polo was the royal pastime. Jodhpurs were the trousers worn by polo riders.
Sir Pratap Singh, son of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, India first introduced these riding breeches tailored for the game of polo. These were cut in a wing-shape and had leather patches between the knees. Which became very popular and were worn by all polo players within a very short time.

The word "jodhpurs" is often used interchangeably with riding breeches, though this is technically incorrect, as breeches are similar to jodhpurs, but The major difference between jodhpurs and breeches is the length of the inseam. The trouser legs on jodhpurs go all the way down to the ankles--or beyond, with the help of stirrups and can be worn with short, ankle-high Jodhpur boots, also known as Paddock Boots, sometimes with knee-length half chaps or leggings. Whereas in breeches the trouser legs end halfway down the calf. Designed to be worn with long socks and tall boots.

Jodhpur pants or breeches are made as per measurement of one’s body to ensure a proper fit. They are hot favorite amongst the more fashion-forward; these pants add an air of indefinable elegance and sophistication to one’s persona.
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