Designer kurta pajamas

The traditional and ethnic segment of men’s wear of Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA flaunts about the finest Kurta Pajamas and Designer kurta pajamas. which is tailored as per requirements of the patron. At label SHANU CHITLANGIYA you can find Designer kurta pajamas in different color and fabrics. You can select or order kurta pajama’s customized as per your own aesthetic sense or sprinkled with the flavors of the Label.

While it is true that fashion has become modern enough that there is a preference to general clothing yet the Kurta Pajama has not lost its charm even among the younger generation. Though, many think that Designer kurta pajamas is only meant to be worn on festivals and special occasions, but the fact is kurta pajama’s are so comfortable that it can be used as a daily wear. It looks so chic and ethnic that you can wear it all day long and not feel slightest discomfort associated with fashionable clothing.

Designer kurta pajamas are becoming more trendy and popular and equates to a fashion status. Kurtas for men has recently seen some cosmetic changes and emerging as an ethnic garment leader in the wedding feasts for Indians. Designer kurta pajama’s is perfect wear for those who want to look distinct in the crowd. One of the main reasons for overall popularity of Designer kurta pajamas is the appearance which is more stylish yet comfortable than wearing party suits.

Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA strikes a balance between a placate wear and outstanding designing. Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA offers different types of Kurta pajama’s with various background option, such as the churidar pajama, pathani suits, patiala’s etc.

Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA always takes care about the material or fabric for creating haute couture Designer kurta pajamas. Though good quality cotton is the most common material used for making Designer kurta pajamas, other fabrics like silk,lenins, jacquard, brocade etc are also used.

We take deep pride in introducing ourselves as one of the fastest growing labels in designer wear in India and feel great when people are appreciative of our designer wear apparels.

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