Block Print Garments

Customary methods of fabric production have existed in India since the 12th century. Only in the last 30 years, with the shift of garment production to the factory, has the industry seen drastic changes.

At first factory-made fabrics were more costly than hand-made ones – a fashion that only the rich could enjoy. Eventually though, they became cheaper and more competitive in the market place than their hand-made counterparts. This has had major ramifications for block printers and weavers throughout India. Finding themselves out of a job, many have had to turn to other more menial forms of work to support their families and the artisan skills that have been passed on for generations are becoming lost.

Withstanding the stiff market competition, there are still several small and active groups of traditional fabric producers throughout India. It is the goal of Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA to help sustain these communities by using hand-woven, block-printed fabrics in our clothing line. In this age of globalization and fast-paced technology, Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA is proud that our fabrics contain a history and preserve an art. We believe you will feel and see the difference.

Clothes can be divided into many categories according to their fabrics and printings and one of them is block printed in which printing or designing is done by wood block or it can also be said block print. In this printing multiple blocks are used to print designs on fabrics.

Block Print Garments
: Block printing is older methods or techniques for printing designs on fabrics which is popular all over India and also in western world. In India, it is very popular in Rajasthan and its nearby areas. In this block printing method, printing is done using blocks of wood using different dyes of natural made colors and vegetables.

Label SHANU CHITLANGIYA has its own in-house production of block printing in which printing is done on sarees, tunics etc. They are done in different colors with various designs on them. Block printed sarees and tunics look different in designing and give more traditional look to a wearer and also popular in modern times.

The art of Indian block print garments is a labor-intensive, pain staking process that has survived from ancient times to the present because of the beauty of the handmade products. Scraps of cloth found in the ruins of Mohenjo Daro, an ancient city of the Indus Valley Civilization, provide evidence that this type of fabric decoration was practiced in India as long ago as 3000 BCE. The art flourished in the 12th century under the patronage of the rajas. The 17th century saw its revitalization. And still, here in the 21st century, block printing on fabric by hand is an art practiced by Indian artisans for the enjoyment of owners of those fabrics throughout the world.

Block printing is a traditional printing technique which we have applied to create exclusive contemporary fabric and furnishings.
Unlike block printing factories, at label SHANU CHITLANGIYA we take pride in creating exclusives – whether it is tunics, sarees or designer blouses.

Traditional sarees & fabrics from various states in India are procured plain and converted into designer sarees with an ethnic yet contemporary look to them using block printing .

Block printing is famous due to its bold and simple designs that can be created, but that simplicity takes a lot of steps to achieve. It can be done on a surface of almost any size and texture.

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