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Label Shanu Chitlangiya, with a quality bandhgala for men collection! Here you can come across a well-known Shanu Chitlangiya “bandhgala for men” collection!!
The bandhgala for men represents India and is the best answer to a formal suit,” “In fact, it’s the elegant Indian way of wearing a suit. Moreover, it is so versatile – it can be formal and also informal, and you can wear it with trousers of the same color or mix and match the jacket and pants. For a casual look”.

A bandhgala for men is a hip-length jacket with a stand-up mandarin collar, cut high on the armhole, it sits snug on the chest and looks best in black or charcoal.
As a formal garment it is unbeatable, Men in India have a strange relationship with the bandhgala for men—or the Jodhpur coat as some call what, at one time, was also referred to as the prince coat.

Whether you’re at your best friend’s baraat or a formal black tie event, you’ll never be out of place in a sharply-tailored bandhgala for men The jacket is structured in a manner that stylists deem ‘slim-fit’ and what in the West is referred to as silhouette: the construction emphasizes broad shoulders and a narrow waist, even if your body type is the opposite.

Historically, it’s one of the first instances of fashion fusion in the country. In the mid-19th century, European and Indian styles blended to create the achkan – a long, streamlined, collared jacket, with buttons down the middle, worn with trousers or pyjamas. The bandhgala for men is a shorter version of the achkan; and the latter became popular when Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, wore it.
“We can indirectly credit Nehru with the popularity of the bandhgala for men,” “In his capacity as leader of the nation, he created a look unique to India and made it global.”

Since then the bandhgala for men has been a classic in India. But it’s time to play with it. “People are willing to experiment with styles, so we have tried to create waistcoats that have the look of a bandhgala for men and can be teamed with denims or trousers to give you that elegant as well as casual look, If you like, you could pair our new-style bandhgala for men with a kurta to give you an Aligarhi-style politician look. And colors have been extended to white, cream, variations of brown, beige, blue and even orange. “Keeping the hot season in mind, we play with softer shades that can be used for both daywear and evening wear.

“Linen works best for summers. “These are matched with straight fit pants and can be paired with denims too.”
For many men, however, the best bandhgala for men is one that is tailored. That’s because this jacket needs to fit perfectly. “With a regular jacket, it doesn’t matter if it is slightly off balance, but with a bandhgala for men you can’t take a chance, “Even the posture, the droop of the shoulder and the thickness of the neck make a big difference. The bandhgala for men should be absolutely fitted at the chest.”

For many of our celebs, the bandhgala for men appears to be the first choice. Many of them have frequently worn them at red carpet events, award functions and similar dos. Label SHANU CHITLANGYA specializes in bandhgala for men’s for men that’s created for occasions which demand splendor and elegance. Our extensive range of bandhgala’s for men offers simple work as well as exclusive embellishments teamed up with vivacious colors, which u can see at our below store

The formal bandhgala for men is usually made of cashmere, wool, khadi or matka silk. Now, apart from lightweight woollen fabrics like tropical wool, marina wool and terry wool, some of which are lighter than cotton, bandhgala for men are also made in linen, Irish linen, and silk.

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